12 Creative Cleaning Hacks for People Who Hate Cleaning

I definitely get a hint of satisfaction whenever I clean house, and I prefer to live in a clean house as opposed to a nasty house – who doesn’t? But… as my clean machine of a husband likes to say, I’m also rather good at ignoring messes until they get out of control. That’s because cleaning is a lot of work! It takes motivation and drive to bust out that vacuum, scrub baseboards, and deep clean showers. I’m getting tired just typing about it. If you can relate but still want a clean house, here are 12 creative cleaning hacks that’ll help you maintain a cleaner house with minimal effort.

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Cleaning Hacks That’ll Help You Like Cleaning

1. Clean as you go

Pick up messes right away and designate a place where everything goes. It takes more time to find something later than it takes to put it away now. If you make a habit of cleaning up messes as you go, you’ll reduce the number of Saturdays spent cleaning for 4+ hours in a row. It takes seconds to tidy up an eraser-size tornado—but once that tornado tears through the whole house, you’re stuck cleaning for an entire afternoon.

2. Make cleaning fun

Stop cleaning in silence… it’s so boring. Podcasts are life when it comes to cleaning, for me at least. Find a podcast you like and suddenly cleaning becomes entertaining. I recommend throwing on headphones, so you can vacuum and conduct other noisy chores without missing a beat.

If you’re like my husband and podcasts make you dizzy with boredom, perhaps you’d rather throw on your favorite playlist. Bonus perk: if you start dancing while cleaning you can burn some extra calories.

You could also get a headset for your phone and use the time to call up an old friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.  That’s taking care of two things at once – look at you, multitasking like a pro!

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3. Evaluate your messes & take action

What items are always left out and make your home look messy or cluttered? Is it stacks of paper or mail on the kitchen table? Books all over the coffee table? Shoes clogging the entryway? No matter what it is, designate a tidy-looking space for these items so that they have a place to go aside from all over the house. You may need to invest in a new shelf to put books, or a stackable file tray you can keep on the table to arrange paper and mail. Consider a cute bucket or shoe rack to place shoes by the front door. There’s a solution for just about any mess. The secret to maintaining a relatively clean house is to designate a space for everything.

4. Make friends with really clean people (and then invite them over)

You are who you hang out with. If your friends have messy homes, you’re far more likely to normalize living in a messy home. And no one, no matter how much you hate cleaning, wants to live in a dirty home. Sometimes it’s just hard to get up the motivation to make a clean home happen. Especially when you know your closest friends won’t judge you for the mess.

Keep your old friends but make some new friends… friends who have super clean houses. Let me tell you, inviting over one or two people whose toilets are cleaner than most kitchens will absolutely motivate you to start cleaning.

5. Invest in products that clean for you

There are a lot of cleaning products that do some of the dirty work for you. For instance, there are automatic shower sprayers/cleaners that turn on with the push of a button. Another trick to keep your shower clean is to wipe down the walls and all wet surfaces before getting out of the shower. Otherwise, the water just sits there and leads to the development of mold and stained tile grout. There are ways to remove tile grout stains in the shower, but these methods take time and effort, while simply wiping down your shower takes seconds.

A Roomba vacuum will set you back a few hundred dollars, but so will a lot of things and at least the Roomba will vacuum your house for you. There are many different Roomba models and you could even pick up a gently used one on sites like eBay. You can essentially run your Roomba all day long, letting it pick up crumbs, dust, stray pet hairs, and so forth.

Then there’s those scented plug-ins that’ll help make your house smell amazing even if you haven’t taken the trash out in a couple of days. Plug in air fresheners are designed to insert in any outlet and spray a yummy scent every few minutes or so. There are plenty of non-toxic options out there that rely on plant-based and essential oils for scent.

6. Lemons are your BFF

Another way to make your house instantly smell better? LEMONS! Grind up lemon peels in your sink disposal for an all natural citrus scent that can help mask bad sink odors.

7. Designate a “messy” space

In reality, things are going to get messy from time to time – they might even be messy right now. Don’t have time to clean but have people coming over? Throw it all in the designated “messy” space. We’ve all heard of junk drawers, perhaps what everyone really needs is a junk closet. While this is a quick and easy cleaning hack for people who hate cleaning, it does present a problem in the future when you have to clean the closet.

8. Give stuff away

If something gets tossed in the “junk closet” and isn’t called upon for several months+, it’s time to assess if you really need it anymore. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need is the easiest way to keep a cleaner home. Plus, there are many excellent charities that could benefit from your donations. A win-win!

9. Make cleaning a family affair

Designate a certain time to clean as a family. Turn up some tunes and give each family member a different chore or area of the house to work on. When you work as a group everything gets done much quicker. Worried how you’ll motivate everyone to participate? Lure your victims in with the promise of something fun afterwards, like a pizza party or a trip to your favorite family restaurant.

10.  Create a new pre-bed routine

I have some VERY clean friends who love cleaning and need it to stay sane. I always ask them for tips to improve my own – ahem – mess of a situation. During one of these dialogues my friend shared with me that if she doesn’t mop the floors before bed she just can’t sleep as well.

You don’t need to take it that far, but you can still take a page from her book of clean and designate 10 minutes each night before bed to tidy up the main living spaces of your home.

Put pillows back on the couch, refold throw blankets, toss cups into the dishwasher, and clear off counters, coffee tables, and so forth. It won’t take long to do these things, but you’ll feel so much better waking up in the morning to a home that isn’t a blown-up mess from the night before.

11. Make your bed every morning

You can make your room look and feel cleaner in a couple of minutes by simply making your bed. Plus, crawling into a snug and well-made bed is always more fun than climbing atop wrinkled sheets that aren’t tucked in.

clean room with bed made, white sheets and blue pillows - cleaning hacks

12. Cleaning subscriptions, yes please!

Certain subscription services can help you clean better without any extra effort on your part. For instance, let’s say you constantly forget to buy a new sponge at the store and so you’re stuck using a dirty one. Cleaning with a dirty sponge can be worse than not cleaning at all. After all, the average dish sponge is dirtier than a toilet seat.

You can clean better than that with Backup Brush! You get 1 soap dispensing handle and 6 sponge and/or brush refills, delivered every 3 or 6 months. The best part? It’s cheaper than the dishwand at your local store and shipping is free.

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