12 Creative Cleaning Hacks for People Who Hate Cleaning

It takes motivation and drive to bust out the vacuum, scrub baseboards, and deep clean showers. Luckily, these cleaning hacks have your back! See how to make cleaning fun and how to structure your home so that it’s easier to keep clean overall.

The Dirtiest Thing in Your Kitchen Might Surprise You

We asked several unsuspecting people what they thought was the dirtiest thing in their kitchen. Responses included the trash can, the oven, the floor; but no one guessed the #1 threat in the average kitchen…

HELP! Why Does My Dish Washing Sponge Smell So Bad?

Bacteria thrives in mass numbers on sponges. Find out why, what bacteria you’re dealing with, and how to stop the problem. Plus, the number one way to stop your kitchen sponge from smelling in the first place.

Dish Scrubber with Soap Dispenser: 7 Tips for a Superfly Clean

Upgrade your cleaning powers with these 7 informative tips for using a dish scrubber with soap dispenser. First and foremost, buy a quality dish scrubber with soap dispenser that offers good scrubbing power and a leak-resistant design. Having the right cleaning tools makes all the difference in your ability to clean like the superhero you are.

Kitchen Sponge Smells? How to Get Rid of Odors & Germs

Researchers have found sponges contain bacteria, yeast, salmonella, mold and E. coli too. Different classes of bacteria have their own unique smells. Those most prevalent on a kitten sponge tend to produce a moldy, stale smell.

How to Make Your Own Green Cleaning Supplies

Make your own green cleaning supplies–it’s better for your health and it may even save you some money! Let’s dig in and play mad scientist as we cook up some superb cleaning sprays from ingredients you likely already have already the house. Take your scrubbing powers to the next level.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet + How to Remove Rust

I remember the first time I ever washed a (brand new) cast iron skillet. I found it all rusted up the next day. I’ve learned a lot since then—including how to get rid of rust on a cast iron skillet. And more importantly, how to prevent the rust in the first place.


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